Abbeyleix South National School

Scoil Náisiúnta Mainistir Laoise Theas

Fourth Class

18th May, 2020

Dear Third and Fourth Class,

How are you all? I hope you are keeping busy and active!

At this stage you have more than likely heard that we will not be returning to school until September. I know you all miss your friends and you miss the routine you are so used to. But we will all keep strong and positive at this time. We will look forward to being together soon again. I am very proud of you all. You are all doing a great job!

I have made out two more weeks’ suggested work lists for you. I hope you find them helpful.

I’m glad so many of you enjoyed the video the staff made for you and your families. We had great fun preparing for it. I loved making the banners for my part of the video. It took ages to colour in the words ‘A message from the staff’. I did my best to stay inside the lines and make it as colourful as possible. I really loved sticking the pom poms onto the message ‘Keep Safe’. Now I can see how Art classes are such fun! And so relaxing!

I am very busy planning the Principal’s 6th class Graduation video at the moment. It is a lot of work as everything has to be put on video rather than going to the church to wish our 6th class well at our End of Year Service.( There is a lot of planning in that too!!)

Also I usually make a cake with 6th class. Now I have come up with a different plan for the cake! You will see it on the 23rd June on the Graduation Video.

Mrs. Mythen is really busy preparing her video for her 6th class too. She has lots of lovely things planned for her 6th Class. We are doing our best to make it special for them.

I would love if you could make a little card for our 6th Class and I will put it into my video. Only if you want to and if you have time during your day. The words you may need are “On your Graduation Day” “Celebration” “Good wishes” “Congratulations”

Keep in contact and if you can, do something from my suggested worklist. I have some lovely activities on it.

Keep smiling

Love from teacher X

Suggested work for Fourth  Class pupils for week: 

Monday 18th  – Friday  22nd  May

Monday  25th  May  – Friday  29th May


Maths  Week 1  :  Test Yourself 1



                                 Decimals 1

                                 Written Computation (Time)        

 Maths  Week  2   Symmetry

                                 Money 2

                                 General ( The Calendar)

                                 Test Yourself 2

                                 Multiplication 1

English :    

Spellbound:   Has been completed

Comprehension  : Read the following pieces and complete the worksheets. Try to complete two each week. You will see that there are more than one version in each reading set. Take the first version and read it and answer the questions. The answers are included for you to check.

Week 1 

Week 2


Reading: Bradán Feasa  Week  1

                                  Bradán Feasa   Week 1

                                  Siosúr agus Cíor Week 2

                                  Subh,subh, subh  Week 2

               Writing :    Madra ar cuairt   Week 1

                                  Fliuch Baite        Week 1

                                  Madra,cat agus luch  Week 2

                                  Ag,Ag, Ag          Week 2

Art :

Clowning  Around ( Week 1 )         

Comics Pop Art  in the style of Roy Lichtenstein    ( Week 2)


Start at 1:22 and watch to the end

S.P.H.E .  : 

Scoilnet Primary has the Weaving Wellbeing Programme that we have been partaking in up on its site. “ At Home with Weaving Wellbeing” . A well-being journal for kids. The topics included are positivity, gratitude,kindness, bravery,creativity, kindness as well as activities based on dealing with worries and coping with change. Please see attached pdf