Abbeyleix South National School

Scoil Náisiúnta Mainistir Laoise Theas

Fourth Class

Dear Third and Fourth Class,

Summer is here! We have arrived at June! Hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Usually June is a hectic month and we look forward to our school Sports Day and our School Tours in particular. Of course we are all disappointed that these fun activities are not happening for us this year but I know you are  finding ways of being busy and active at home. I see this from all your emails and photos. You make my day when you send me an update!

So this month in our suggested worklists, all the teachers have given one core subject area of written work and have come up with different activities for you to enjoy also. Take a break from all the written work. I know you have been working very hard. This month I have given some Maths revision and I have given you the link to the Stay Safe Programme so that you can finish off the lessons.

You will see information on VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY 2020 included in our suggested activities for June. Because we’d usually be spending time in June preparing for our annual Sports Day, we didn’t want you to miss out on a Sports Day this year. There are a number of fun sporting events that will allow you to compete against the other pupils in your class by recording your results in the Healthy Kidz App.There are coaching tips and preparation advice also. There is a create your own Obstacle Challenge too. That sounds like fun!!

The Virtual Sports Day is planned for Friday 19th  June.

I am really looking forward to seeing photos of your preparation for this event. Will you make sure to send them to your teacher’s email address and she will forward them to me for inclusion on our website and Facebook page.

Very soon you will be receiving your remaining books from school along with your Art folder and other bits and pieces.

So these past weeks have been very busy for me. I have your reports just about completed now and you will be happy with what I have written. It is not difficult to write a report for my children who all work so hard and behave so well. You can be very proud of all you have achieved this year.

The End of Year Graduation for Sixth Class is fast approaching. Look out for the videos Mrs. Mythen, the teachers and myself have made to mark this momentous occasion.

Keep in contact, keep emailing. I love to hear from you.

Looking forward to your active photos for June.

I won’t be drawing up anymore worklists, you will be happy to hear. Dip in and out of all the suggestions we have sent to you.


Love from Teacher.xx

Suggested work for Fourth  Class pupils for week: 

Tuesday 2nd June – Friday  5th June

Monday  8th June –  – Friday  12th June

Maths  Week 1  : 

Tuesday 2nd Fractions 1                    Page 34 and 35

Wednesday 3rd  Fractions 1             Page 36

Thursday 4th   Fractions 1                 Page 37

Friday 5th Fractions 1                        Page 38


Maths  Week  2  :

 Monday 8th  2-D Shapes                  Page 30

 Tuesday 9th  2-D Shapes                  Page 31

Wednesday 10th   2-D Shapes         Page 32

Thursday 11th  2- D Shapes             Page 33

Friday  12th    2-D Shapes                 Page 34

Stay Safe Programme for 3rd and 4th Class

Go to

Click on Stay Safe Lessons for 3rd and 4th Class

We have covered the following topics : Topic 1 Feeling Safe and Unsafe

                                                                         Topic 2 Friendship and Bullying

                                                                         Topic 3 Touches

Please look at topics 4 and 5 with your parents       Topic 4 Secrets and Telling

                                                                                             Topic 5 Strangers

These topics will be familiar to you as you would have discussed them last year when you were in Third Class.