Abbeyleix South National School

Scoil Náisiúnta Mainistir Laoise Theas

General Information

General Information & School Rules.

We ask for your co-operation with the school rules, they are designed for the effective, efficient running of the school and the safety of the children.


School Hours:


  • The South School opens to receive pupils at 9 a.m. when official supervision of pupils begins. No pupil should be left on his/her own before the arrival of a staff member. The Board of Management will not be responsible for pupils who arrive before 9 a.m.
  • 9.20a.m. Classes begin.
  • 11.00-11.10a.m. Break 12.50-1.20p.m. Lunch.
  • School finishes for the Infant classes at 2.00p.m. Parents are requested to come to the school door to collect their children.
  • School finishes at 3.00p.m. for all other pupils. Pupils are requested, for their own safety, to walk with the teachers on duty to the new school avenue where they then get their transport or else walk with their collector to the church avenue.
  • During school hours no pupil may leave the school for any purpose without the permission of the principal and must be accompanied by an adult. Breaking this rule will be considered a serious offence.

Supervision/Yard duty:

Each teacher has a designated day on which she supervises both lunch breaks and goes to the front gate at 3.00p.m to supervise the pupils who travel by bus. Two members of staff are on duty each break.
On wet days the pupils must remain in their classrooms. It is the duty of each class teacher to supervise her own pupils. It must be accepted that each teacher may leave the classroom during lunchtime to go to the kitchen to get her lunch or go to the bathroom.

Emergency closure:

If an emergency closure is necessary, bus drivers will be asked to collect their pupils and bring them home. All parents of pupils who travel by bus will be contacted to ensure that they are available to meet their children at the usual pick-up point. Any pupil whose parents cannot be contacted will not be allowed to board the bus and efforts to contact the parents will continue. All other parents will be contacted and asked to collect their children. All pupils will be supervised until they are collected from the school premises.

Fire Drill:

Fire drill practice takes place once each term. Pupils leave the building when they hear a familiar signal and assemble at a point to the left of the gate on the church avenue as they leave the school grounds. The principal, or, in her absence, the acting principal, takes a roll call. Calling a fire drill is the responsibility of the Principal.


We ask that parents establish a good homework routine with their children. Set aside a quiet time and ensure that homework is completed fully and neatly. When completed, a parent should sign the homework diary. Please inform the class teacher if a child has a continual homework problem. A separate Homework Policy is in use.

School Calendar:

A school calendar is issued each June. Parents are informed as soon as possible if amendments to the calendar are necessary.

Parental Contact:

The school places a high value on communicating with parents and has a number of strategies in place to ensure that the best possible contact is maintained with parents.

  • Please remember that the homework diary is a useful form of communication.
  • Teachers are always available by appointment to meet with parents.
  • A formal consultation is offered each year, in November, to review your child’s progress, attainment, application and any other matter relevant to your child’s progress at school.
  • Teachers sometimes request parents to meet with them when it is judged that such meetings are in the pupils’ best interest.
  • A formal written report is furnished by the school on each pupil at the end of the school year.
  • Parents are requested not to phone teachers at home.
  • Please do not call to school during class times unless unavoidable.
  • The school telephone is connected to an answering machine during class time, please leave a short message if urgent.

Information for parents is sent home, by note, with the eldest child of each family. Every effort is made not to send memos on Fridays.


Children in The South School have the opportunity to eat on two occasions each day in school. We ask you to send your child to school with a realistic lunch each day. We promote a healthy school lunches policy.

  • Chewing gum, crisps, bars, biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks (in glass bottles or cans) are not allowed at any time.
  • The school requests that parents would avoid foods with a high sugar content.
  • A short brochure on healthy school lunches, prepared by the Health Promotion Unit of the Department of Health and Children, is distributed to each family at the time of enrollment.
  • Pupils may have a drink on their desk during the day provided that the drink is in a spill proof plastic water bottle.

Child Safety:

The Board of Management is very concerned about the safety of the school-children who are delivered and collected from the South School in the avenue leading up to Abbeyleix Church.
The Select Vestry (Parish Committee), which has ultimate control of the avenue, is also concerned for the safety of all those who use it.

Mobile Phones:

We encourage children not to bring mobile phones to school unless absolutely necessary. If your child has to bring a mobile phone to school, it must be turned off during school and handed to the teacher. Children are not allowed to use mobile phones during school hours.