Abbeyleix South National School

Scoil Náisiúnta Mainistir Laoise Theas

Senior Infants

Work at home

I hope you are all keeping well. Here is a list of work to keep the children busy over the next two weeks. There is no pressure to complete this list and I am sure you are all doing a great job in these difficult times. I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break and I am sure the Easter bunny arrived. I hope I will see all the boys and girls soon. Stay safe! 😊

Ms Emma McCarthy


The children can revise letters and sounds. Jolly phonics songs are all available on youtube

There are also free games available at and

The children all have the reader Rainy Day Fun so please read all three stories in this book. The publishers of this reader are cj fallon and they have allowed parents access to their website- All three senior infant readers are available on this site as well as extra readers for any children wanting to do extra 😊

For bedtime stories this website is good

Of course twinkl also have many resources (especially school closure packs) for children and is free for the next month-

Also please get the children to write in their news copies or create stories in these copies.

The children also have their Sounds in Action books and their handwriting books. Please continue with these books. If the children could complete two pages a week from each book that would be great.

I am also sending another document with the list of work this has words from the word boxes we were reading as part of homework. Please practice these words over the next two weeks. I sent 6 boxes but a box a week is enough 😊


We would be covering capacity and length and height over the next two weeks. Please complete these pages in the home maths book. There are many great websites for maths- for children to understand capacity (Show this video before trying out the capacity activities)

Activities for teaching capacity:

  • Get a cup of rice and using a funnel pour into different containers (big and small). Show the children how full different containers are and discuss why.
  • Whose container holds the most? This is a game where each person has a different container and through taking turns you must fill your container with cups of rice/ pasta. Whichever container holds the most wins. Discuss after reasons why.
  • Investigate different ways of transferring water/ rice/ pasta from a large container into a smaller one ( and from a small container to a large one). Use funnels/ straws/ sponge/ kitchen towels/ sieve etc
  • The children estimate how many blocks/ lego they think will fit into different sized containers. Examples of containers could be an egg cup, plastic cup, mug, butter tub, pot or lunch box. Record estimates and carry out the investigation after.
  • The children estimate how many spoons of water it will take to fill each container. Examples of containers include jug, bowl, saucepan and lunch box

Activities for teaching length and height:

  • Explore and examine objects asking questions like which is longer/ shorter? Use pencils, crayons and rulers. Then ask what is longer than the pencil, what is shorter than the pencil etc.  Ask questions like who in our family is the tallest? Who is the shortest? Etc
  • Using matchsticks or lollipop sticks ask the children to find items that are longer/ shorter than the sticks. Then measure to check if you are right.
  • Give your child a piece of paper. Each of you draw a snake. Cut out the snake and comparing them whose snake is the longest/ shortest.
  • Measure different objects around the house with matchsticks/ lollipop sticks/ blocks. Get the children to estimate first how many they think it will be then measure it and find out.

google caterpillar count as well it’s a fun number game

twinkl again have great maths activities

Also get the children to practice number formation- writing the numbers 0-10. Other activities you can do could be playing dice games, snap or other card games, tall towers using blocks or lego, grouping items at home using colour or number or making the numerals using straws or matchsticks.


The Folens website has also allowed free access to their website. We use Abair Liom B and if you go to the lesson on Hansel and Gretal click on Sceal. The children can listen to the story. Also you will see another box that says Trath na gCeist- Suil Siar 4. Click this box and the children can revise over all the vocabulary we have covered over the last few weeks

Science, History and Geography

Use websites like and as well as youtube

During these weeks we were going to explore the story of the Hungry Caterpillar for history. Read the story to the children. If you do not have the book it is online on youtube. Ask the children to tell you what the caterpillar ate each day. After the children can divide a page into the days of the week and draw pictures of what the caterpillar ate each day

We were going to look at The Lighthouse keeper for geography. this clip would be good to show at the beginning. After discuss why lighthouses are important. Get the children to draw their very own lighthouse. Ask the question would they like to live in a lighthouse? Why/ why not.

Also go on a nature walk around your garden/ neighbourhood. Look for signs of spring. How do we know it is springtime? Listen to this song and chat about signs of spring. Draw a picture of springtime.

For science we were going to explore jungle animals and research where they come from. I have chosen tigers. This clip has lots of facts about tigers. They could draw a picture of a tiger after and maybe talk about two facts that they learnt about tigers. (If your child wants to research a different jungle animal instead that is great too) this is a little art lesson based on tigers if the children are tired of drawing they could make a tiger 😊


a useful website is She has many lessons up on the website.


The children love gonoodle on youtube and cosmic kids