Abbeyleix South National School

Scoil Náisiúnta Mainistir Laoise Theas

Senior Infants

Senior Infants- Work at home

I hope you are all keeping well. Here is a list of work to keep the children busy over the next few weeks. There is no pressure to complete this list and I am sure you are all doing a great job in these difficult times. Ms Emma McCarthy


The children can revise letters and sounds using the Jolly phonics songs all available on youtube

There are also free games available at and

The children all have the reader Rainy Day Fun so please read all three stories in this book. The publishers of this reader are cj fallon and they have allowed parents access to their website- All three senior infant readers are available on this site as well as extra readers for any children wanting to do extra 😊

For bedtime stories this website is good

Of course twinkl also have many resources (especially school closure packs) for children and is free for the next month-

Please get the children to write their news for the week or create a story.


For maths we would be covering money and the number 10 over the next few weeks. Please complete these pages in the home maths book. There are many great websites for maths-

google caterpillar count as well it’s a fun number game

twinkl again have great maths activities this is a nice song even though they don’t need to recognise all the coins just up to five cents and  for children to understand the number 10 ( the numberjacks are great for teaching maths concepts in a fun way)

Also get the children to practice number formation- writing the numbers 0-10. Other activities you can do could be playing dice games, snap or other card games, tall towers using blocks or lego, grouping items at home using colour or number or making the numerals using straws or matchsticks.


For Gaeilge the website Folens have also allowed free access to their website. If you go to and select teacher, fill in a username, email and password for the roll number enter Prim20. This should allow you access to the website. We use Abair Liom B and if you go to the lesson on Easter (An Chaisc) click on Postaer. The children can play the games available and listen to the song, poem and story.


For Science, History and Geography use websites like and as well as youtube

During these weeks we were going to explore Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus  for history.

We were going to look at Spain- (drawing the flag, finding it on a map, had you been to Spain?)  and The night sky-( Saying the poem twinkle twinkle and drawing the sky at night) for geography.

For science we were going to explore light and what creates light and how shadows are formed- make your shadow and trace around with chalk if available.

 Also talk about ways to care for and improve the environment- (this video is about plastic bottles and what happens to them after used)


For PE the children love gonoddle on youtube and cosmic kids


For art a useful website is She has many lessons up on the website.

Hopefully we will be back to school soon. Hope this helps. Enjoy the Easter holidays and I hope the Easter bunny arrives for all the boys and girls 😊