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South School Gazette


by Charis, 6th Class




By Finaten, 5th Class



By Hannah 5th Class


A Trip to the Arctic

By Mark, First Class


A drawing by Hannah, 5th Class

Rain by Hannah 5th Class


By Katy, 5th Class

Katy 5th Class

The Wolpertinger

A poem by Hannah, 5th Class

Did I ever tell you, ’bout my german adventure? Into the woods I went for a venture.

A wolpertinger, thats what I saw!

How did such a creature exist, under natures law?!!?

A squrril tail, rabbit’s head and the prongs of a deer, with birdie winds and claws he looked quite queer.

Brought a girl with me, on my second race, and he took quite a liking to her beautiful face, he jumped right out, we caught him then, but decided to put him back in his den.

FACT: Wolpertingers are known for a collection of forest animal body parts. They have a weakness for beauty and the female touch. They are very quick and agile.

Hannah 5th Class

A Positive Thought

By Cain, 5th Class

Cain 5th Class

The Bully – Cartoon by Cain, 5th Class

Cain Cartoon 1

The Adventures of Floppy Dog – His first amazing day

Aoife D

By Aoife D. Third Class

Oh hello there, me name’s steve. I think ye guessed that I am a dog. Well, would you ye like to hear a story? Perfect!

Well, so there I was one day and, all of a sudden, I was picked up off the ground and put into this weird moving thing and when this moving stopped I was then again picked up and brought into a room.

There were hundreds of animals there as well but they were all in separate cages! I was put into one of them too. Then someone else opened the cage and bought me!

I was played in a  different house until this day, and, you never know if you might see me one day. But I can tell you, that I am one famous dog! Bhy. Steve

Fact 1 : Steve the dog has lost count of his age because he is an old dogey!

Fact 2: Steves drool can keep a human alive forever!

Collage of artwork from Tadgh in Senior Infants, so many fantastic pictures to choose from but here is the shortlist.

Tadgh Murphy Senior Infants

Drawing by Katy, 5th Class

katy johnson0725670534ecfe5113a0d20397f2c13b--oak-tree-drawings-angel-oak-treesThe  Oak By Cain, 5th Class

   A poem written for Mrs Wallace on her birthday.

You turn another year older, another ring on the trunk,

Your roots still planted firmly, once again a year has passed,

You’re still helping baby trees, and making them prepared,

For the long journey of life, and giving them memories to cherish,

For ever and ever, now you turn another year older,

Happy Birthday

5th Class Cain O Connor Poem

Drawing by Charis, 6th Class

6th Charis Tomb Drawing

witchesWitches – Hannah, 5th Class

“Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble” They stirred the cauldron by the double,

poked their green faced near the surface, Muttered a few dozen curses.

Mixed it, ’till it looked like sludge, For good riddance added some mud,

Some cackled high some shrieked it low, The spell that they might undergoe.

They flicked their wands, jumped on their brooms, Into the inky sky they zoomed,

A warty pistachio gaggle of flight, They scare in into the starry night,

The reason they fled, Hallowe’en had gone, And the morn’ of all Saint’s Day had come.

5th Hannah Mc Corry Poem

Drawing by Szymon, 5th Class

5th Szymon Trela Drawing

PoetryPoem by Cain, 5th Class

A poem is an expression of feelings, a poem is a masterpiece,

A poem is sad, a poem is happy, a poem is an adventure,

A poem is a story, a poem is who you are, a poem is everything a poem could be,

A poem is something to make you think, a poem is nature,

This is a poem, it can explain, it can entertain

And it can be written by anyone.

5th Cain O Connor Poem